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Know Your Rights on Bullying Summer Gurdwara Tour 2015

The Junior Sikh Coalition proudly delivered seven workshops to the following Gurdwaras in New York and New Jersey between June and August 2015 with over 500 youth in total: Albany (NY), Glen Cove (NY), 118th Sikh Cultural Society (NY), 114th Baba Makhan Shah Lubana (NY), Carteret (NJ), Jersey City Nanak Naam Jahaj (NJ), and Lawrenceville (NJ).


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The team will continue visiting other Gurdwaras over the next few months with hopes to empower other youth to recognize and report bullying in their schools, share experiences with one another, and build a positive support system within youth sangats.


The Junior Sikh Coalition Today!


In its fourth year, the Junior Sikh Coalition has proudly continued its powerful work to inspirit the youth and strengthen our community.  Through the Know Your Rights on Bullying and Nirbhau Nirvair Poetry & Art Campaigns, these leaders continue to deliver workshops to other youth to equip their peers with the same trainings and knowledge they have received in social justice, advocacy, community development, and empowerment. 


Through their work and dedication, the Junior Sikh Coalition members hope to prevent further discrimination, spread awareness of the Sikh faith, build bridges with other communities, and motivate youth to shape their futures with knowledge and love.




Upcoming Events

Join the Junior Sikh Coalition at an upcoming event!


>>Join us on October 6th at MSA for Langar Week!


>>Come get your turban on! You can find us at Turban Day NYC on October 15th!


>>The White House is coming to meet us! Talk about bullying in your NYC school and advocate for real change. RSVP here!


If you would like the JSC to present in your community, please contact!








Now:  Nirbhau Nirvair Poetry & Art Book online!

The 'Nirbhau Nirvair' Poetry & Art Book showcases Sikh youths’ perspectives on 'Nirbhau Nirvair' - without fear and without hatred. This book is a part of a larger, nationwide Nirbhau Nirvair campaign that addresses bullying and hate crimes - issues that often affect Sikh youth. Through this campaign, the Junior Sikh Coalition works to empower Sikh youth to be fearless leaders living without hate.


The book has been published and well received by many community members! Check out our youth's beautiful creativity and passion here!


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